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How to find Failed or Hung SQL Server Agent Jobs in the last 24 Hours

Run the below query to find failed/hung jobs in your SQL Server Instance:



SELECT sjh.server as 'Server Name' ,sj.name as 'Failed Job Name', sjh.message as 'Error Description', sjh.run_date, sjh.run_time as 'Job Run Time/Job Hung Time'
FROM msdb..sysjobhistory sjh
JOIN msdb..sysjobs sj on sjh.job_id = sj.job_id
JOIN (SELECT job_id, max(instance_id) maxinstanceid
FROM msdb..sysjobhistory
WHERE run_status NOT IN (1,4)
GROUP BY job_id) a ON sjh.job_id = a.job_id AND sjh.instance_id = a.maxinstanceid
WHERE    DATEDIFF(hh, CONVERT(datetime,CONVERT(VARCHAR(8),sjh.run_date),12), GETDATE()) <= 24
select job.originating_server as 'Server Name', job.Name as 'Failed Job Name', 'Warning: Job Hung for More than 1 Day.' as 'Error Description',
CONVERT(char(10), activity.run_requested_Date,112) as run_date,
datediff(minute, activity.run_requested_Date, getdate()) as Elapsed
from msdb.dbo.sysjobs_view job
inner join msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity activity on (job.job_id = activity.job_id)
where run_Requested_date is not null
and stop_execution_date is null
and datediff(hour, activity.run_requested_Date, getdate()) >= 24




NOTE: Ideally, you would want to know if a job is hung as soon as possible.

Hence, you can replace the underlined code above with the one below to reduce the time-interval for Hung Jobs from 1 day to 1 Hour:

datediff(minute, activity.run_requested_Date, getdate()) >= 60

Use a Power Shell script/Windows Scheduled Task to have this scheduled & run on multiple SQL Server Instances in a jiffy!


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